Heart & Lung Scan


Early Detection is Key

As with many health conditions, early detection of lung cancer is a critical factor in the ability to treat and cure the disease, but only 26% of lung cancer cases in America are identified in its first stages, according to the American Lung Association. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in America, and a CT scan offers a highly effective opportunity to screen for lung cancer, even in its early stages.

Who can Benefit from a Lung Scan

A lung scan can be beneficial for anyone desiring the peace of mind that comes with a preventative screening exam. It can also be very helpful in identifying non-cancer root causes for anyone experiencing lung or breathing issues, or anyone at higher risk for lung cancer because of a history of smoking or a family history of cancer.

What can a Lung Scan Detect?

Using high-resolution, low-dose CT imaging, our scans are capable of locating abnormalities as small as a grain of rice. This is especially useful for identifying early stage lung cancers, along with emphysema, tuberculosis, Hiatal hernias, and other types of tumors or lesions. Heart issues such as heart disease, heart attack, stroke risk, and the status of the pericardium, heart valves, and heart size will also be screened in this scan. By reviewing images of the heart and lungs together, our radiologists can provide a more informed assessment of whether certain lung and breathing issues may be related to an underlying heart condition and can give a more accurate report of your overall health.

What does the Heart and Lung Scan include?

Our Heart and Lung scan includes all the benefits of the Heart Scan, including a comprehensive radiologist review of heart images and your Coronary Calcium Score, plus a detailed CT scan of your chest. Scans will be read by a Board Certified Radiology Team specializing in preventative CT scans and results will be received within 24 hours.

Early detection is key. Contact us to book your appointment today!