Preventative Lung Scan

Protect Your Lungs with Preventative Lung Scans - An Option For Cancer Screenings

Early Detection & Minimal Radiation for Your Peace of Mind

Why Choose a Preventative Lung Scan?

When it comes to lung health, early detection is crucial. Our Preventative Lung Scans provide high-quality imaging to detect potential issues before they become serious. Using advanced low-dose CT technology, we ensure your safety while delivering accurate and reliable results. Whether you are a smoker, have a family history of lung disease, or simply want peace of mind, our preventative scans offer a proactive approach to maintaining your lung health.

Benefits of Our Preventative Lung Scan

Early Detection

Identify lung issues, including tumors, at an early stage.



Reduced Radiation Exposure

Safe for repeated use with minimal radiation.


High-Quality Imaging

Clear and precise images for accurate assessment.



Advanced Technology

Utilizes state-of-the-art low-dose CT imaging.



Peace of Mind

Know your lung health status with confidence.



What’s Included in Our Preventative Lung Scan?

Our Preventative Lung Scan services provide comprehensive insights into your lung health:

Lung CT Scan

Detect early signs of lung conditions, including tumors.

Detailed Imaging

High-resolution images to identify abnormalities.

Expert Analysis

Reports reviewed by experienced radiologists.

Who Should Consider a Preventative Lung Scan?

A Preventative Lung Scan is ideal for individuals who:

● Have a family history of lung disease

● Experience chronic respiratory symptoms

● Want peace of mind regarding their lung health

● Are proactive about their overall health management

Important Note on Cancer Screenings

While our preventative lung scans can detect early signs of lung issues, including tumors, it is important to note that we do not provide a formal cancer diagnosis. Our scans are designed to help identify potential problems early, allowing you to seek further medical advice and treatment if necessary.

How It Works

Step 1: Schedule Your Appointment

Contact us to book your preventative lung scan at a convenient time.

Step 2: Undergo the Scan

Visit our clinic for a thorough scan using advanced low-dose imaging technology.


Step 3: Receive Your Results

Get detailed reports and personalized health recommendations from our specialists.



"I am a provider and I highly recommend visionary wellness and imaging to all of my patients. They provide hassle free heart, lungs and full body CT scans for preventative care. I have a lot of patients who are taking calcium or vitamin D with a highly inflammatory SAD diet which increases their risk of calcification of arteries. That is why I recommended  my patients to at least get the heart scan (calcium score test) annually to reduce and prevent their cardiovascular risk. These tests are never covered by the insurance. And Visionary provides the most reasonable price compared to other imaging places. I highly recommend it.”


Cecilia K

Why Choose Visionary Wellness & Imaging for Preventative Lung Scans?

At Visionary Wellness & Imaging, we prioritize your health and well-being. Our team of experienced professionals, combined with cutting-edge technology, ensures you receive the highest standard of care.


● State-of-the-art low dose CT imaging technology

● Experienced and compassionate staff

● Comfortable and private facilities

● Fast and reliable results


Q: How long does the lung scan take?

A: The preventative lung scan typically takes about 30 minutes, followed by a review with your doctor.

Q: Is the scan safe?

A: Yes, our scans use low-dose radiation and are safe for most individuals.



Q: Do I need a referral?

A: No referral is needed. You can book your scan directly with us.



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