Certified Health Coaches

Guiding you to Healthy Change

Benefits of Health Coaches

The availability of accessible information and increasing health awareness is leading toward changes from the long-standing approach of temporarily “fixing” sickness and disease. Health coaches provide a personalized approach to allow individuals to be active participants in the process and achieve self-determined goals. Through effective communication, health coaches help increase internal motivation and ownership to assist you in making health behavior changes.

Visionary Wellness & Imaging utilizes ACE Certified Health Coaches to provide support and influence awareness, education, and growth for a journey toward high-level wellness. With a movement toward a prevention mindset and integrated care, health coaches are a natural fit and can be a critical member of your primary healthcare team.

A Smiling Health Coach meets with client across her desk, with laptop and notepad open.

Chronic Conditions are Prevalent

Chronic diseases have surpassed communicable diseases as the greatest global health burden. Both non infectious and non transmissible, chronic diseases are reported by the World Health Organization (WHO 2017a) “to be of long duration and are the result of a combination of genetic, physiological, environmental, and behavioral factors”. The majority of deaths from these diseases are the result of cardiovascular disease, cancer,diabetes, and chronic respiratory conditions.

Chronic diseases are responsible for approximately 70% of all deaths globally, killing an estimated 40 million people every year(WHO, 2017a). Health coaches are skilled partners who can help individuals change behaviors that create health risks, as well as empower individuals to better self-manage their chronic health conditions.