IV Therapy

Visionary Wellness and Imaging is excited to offer IV therapies with our partner, IV Hydropros!

What is IV Therapy?

IV Therapy is a quick and effective way of delivering fluids into the body intravenously. These fluids can contain beneficial vitamins, minerals, and medications specific to the client’s needs. They are delivered via an IV drip, allowing the fluids to move more quickly through the bloodstream in comparison to oral administration.

IV therapies are always administered by a healthcare professional. There are many reasons why IV therapies are useful to our clients. Whether it be dehydration or symptoms related to an illness, like the common cold, flu, morning sickness, or even a hangover. IV therapies focus their services on health, beauty, and wellness. Depending on the category chosen, there are pre-crafted IV therapy bags that will help the client with a specific need.

Boost your Immune System

IV Therapies can help support people with weak immune systems. The concoction of vitamins chosen will assist in building their immune system, helping minimize doctor visits. IV therapies can also help reduce seasonal allergies, since seasonal allergies are a result of the immune system working in overdrive. With a stronger immune system clients will be able to relax, even as the weather changes.

Not only can IV therapies assist with building immune systems and ridding the body of seasonal allergies, it can also assist in relieving the debilitating pain and nausea caused by migraines.

Beauty and Wellness

While there are many benefits to using IV therapies for health and wellness, there are beauty benefits as well. Crafted by medical professionals at Hydropros, these special vitamin bags are created to preserve youth. This type of therapy includes essential nutrients to help ensure the growth of strong nails, hair, and radiating skin.

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