Fit3d Body Composition


Fit3D will give you a BSR score (Body Shape Rating).

What is Body Shape Rating? It’s a wellness score based on the relationship of your body shape to cardiovascular risk factors. It answers the question, “Is my body shape making it more likely for me to develop certain cardiovascular related health issues?” 

Fit3D is the only scanner on the market that gives you a BSR score, and you can compare your score with other Fit3D users of similar age, sex, height, and weight. Increasing the density of your body and building muscle will help improve your BSR over time. Working with a health coach can help set up a proper plan for achieving this goal.  

Measurements and Visual Aid (3d Avatar)

Not only will the Fit3D track your weight, but it will also track measurements of your body with each scan.

Measurements include neck, bust (for women), chest (for men), biceps, forearm, waist, thigh, hip, and calf. Rather than taking progress photos and trying to compare each photo with the naked eye where you “might” be seeing changes, the 3D Avatar of your body will show precise measurements of each body part where you are losing or gaining inches. This is due to Fit3D placing you in the same exact position with each scan giving us the most accurate results. The visual of your 3D Avatar will help keep you accountable by showing changes or not showing changes in specific areas of your body to keep you motivated to achieve your goals.  

Posture Analysis

If you take a moment to look around and observe people passing by, sitting down, or two people having a conversation, you may observe people with a rounded upper back, shoulders rolling forward, and a protruding head. It’s a growing problem in the U.S. and most people are not even aware they have a problem.

Our Fit3D provides a comprehensive analysis of your posture and balance. The Fit3D evaluates your head, shoulders, underbust, hip, knee, and ankle positioning to show where your posture may need improvement. This is especially helpful for anyone working with a physical therapist, chiropractor, or personal trainer to improve posture and core strength.

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