Pain and Injury Treatment

Visionary Wellness and Imaging is partnering with Airrosti to provide pain and injury treatments!

Effective Treatment of Pain and Injury

As part of our integrated approach to wellness and prevention, we have partnered with Airrosti to make their treatment services available in our facility.

Whether you are in pain from a recent acute injury, or if you’ve been experiencing chronic pain for years, Airrosti providers help identify the root of your pain in order to provide quick and lasting relief, typically within 3 visits. With more than one million injuries treated, Airrosti uses a combination of conservative manual therapy and personalized at-home exercises to provide treatment that has proven effective at resolving most muscle and joint conditions safely and effectively, helping patients avoid needles, surgery, opioids, or invasive procedures.

What does Airrosti treat?

Airrosti providers are proven to be effective in diagnosing and treating most common musculoskeletal and joint conditions, from chronic back pain, to acute athletic injuries like pulls and strains, to stress and wear and tear injuries like tendonitis and carpel tunnel syndrome.

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