CT Scans a Key Preventative Measure for Heart Disease

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As the risks for Coronary Heart Disease continue to impact a large portion of the population, recent studies show that the early use of CT Scans can help identify a key risk factor and can therefore aid in preventative care. In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that 75% of all cardiovascular diseases can be prevented, and CT scans should now play a significant role in that prevention. (Brincat) 

The study concluded that multiple measures, such as blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking habits, and diabetes can all be possible indicators, or factors, of being at a higher risk for coronary heart disease. In the past, another key factor has also been genetic testing. 

However, as the study progressed, radiologists found that the use of a CT scan was able to identify what was referred to as “vascular age,” as a CT scan is uniquely suited to capture someone’s coronary artery calcium score (CACS). 

Using a CT scan to gather the data needed to determine someone’s CACS has proven even more beneficial than the use of genetic testing alone. 

In the article, Dr. Joseph F. Polak emphasizes the preventative findings with the use of CT scan technology in the following quote: 

“This is likely an example of what we commonly refer to as vascular age. Basically, a person is as old as their arteries. In this case, a direct measurement of the ‘age’ of the artery trumps genetics.” (Brincat)

Dr. Raimund Erbal, also interviewed by Medical News Today for this study, confirmed the benefits of early detection with the use of CT scans even more by stating that the CT was a wonderful tool for individual cardiovascular[r] risk prediction.” (Brincat)

Overall, the findings of this study show that the use of CT scan technology may be the best preventative care measure for anyone concerned about heart disease.

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Here at Visionary Wellness & Imaging, we provide a Coronary Calcium Score (as mentioned in this study) with our Heart Scans and Full Body Scans, as it is a reliable tool for measuring heart health, and provides an opportunity for early intervention for heart disease. 

Early detection saves lives.  Contact us or use our chat feature to find out more about our scans and how we can serve you.


Read the original study, published by Medical News Today, here.



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