Heart Disease and Cancer Impact Local Dallas Area

Heart Disease and Cancer Remain Top Health Concerns Across Dallas

Every three years, a comprehensive study is conducted across the Dallas area as a means to identify key health issues and concerns. Heart disease and cancer have ranked at the top of this list in Dallas, mirroring an overwhelming trend across the country.

Known as the “Dallas County Community Health Needs Assessment,”  the data was collected in 2022 and was presented in 2023. The data was presented by Parkland Health and the Dallas County Health and Human Services offices, and their findings identified this sweeping conclusion: 

“Heart Disease and Cancer remain the leading causes of death in Dallas County based on new data. Chronic diseases, behavioral health and preventative care were some of the topic concerns according to people surveyed in Dallas County.” (DFW)

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Those who analyzed the data recognized the importance of preventative care measures, including quality health facilities and greater access to healthier food options. In this regard, the results of the study made it apparent that quality access to these options wasn’t as equitable across Dallas County, which was an area of concern for both medical and community leaders. 

In addition to looking at the level of chronic disease that impacted the Dallas area, there was also a significant concern for overall mental health. Looking at ways to create more programs to aid those most vulnerable to chronic illness or mental health concerns was a lead takeaway from the study’s findings. 

In conclusion, preventative care is of utmost importance and there is power in early detection. 

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