‘Go and get tested’: Frisco woman urges others to screen for colon cancer

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A choice to screen for colon cancer may have saved the life of a 50 year old Frisco woman.  During a regular checkup upon turning 50, Texas native Jakki Newton was informed by her doctor that she was due for screening.  Her good health and family history placed her at a lower likelihood for a positive result.  However, several weeks after her screening, Jakki received a phone call informing her that her results were positive and scheduling her for a regular colonoscopy a week later.   After discovering and removing a large, pre-cancerous polyp during the traditional colonoscopy, Jakki is recovering well.

Studies estimate that an individual at age 45 of average risk has a 30%-50% chance of having a precancerous polyp.  This means that screening and early detection are critical in preventing colorectal cancer.

While there are many options available a Virtual Colonoscopy is a highly accurate and less invasive means of screening for colon cancer.  It requires no anesthesia, and it results in a very detailed screening.  The scan typically takes 10 minutes and poses less risk of accidental harm to the large intestine, while providing a detailed and sensitive image.

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Click here to read the original article from the Dallas Morning News.


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