Reports Reveal the Risk for Strokes in Young Adults is on the Rise

Illustration of Stroke as lighting in the brain

The American Stroke Association reports that strokes in young adults under the age of 50 has continued to rise over the last 30 years

The rate of strokes in young adults under the age of 50 continues to rise, with the latest statistics suggesting that about 15% of all strokes occur in people under the age of 50.  The frequency of stroke in younger persons may not correspond to the common perception for those who would be at risk, but the rise means that young people need to understand the warning signs for stroke so that timely action may be taken.

The American Stroke Association uses the FAST acronym to identify and respond to stroke systems:

Graphic explaining the American Stroke Association's FAST method for stroke response.

Experts believe that our modern diet and lifestyle contributes to this rise.  According to experts in the article:

“Researchers are still looking for answers, but he has an idea why this could be happening. “In my opinion, it’s more of the unhealthy life that we’re living. A lot of junk food, unhealthy food, people tend not to exercise, because of work and their busy lives.”

“Researchers have studied the obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cholesterol of younger people now, and the prevalence is going up” Morden said.

… neglecting healthcare or regular doctors visits during the pandemic could also be a reason that we’re seeing strokes in younger people, more often.”

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Click here to read the original article from Fox News.


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