Study Applies AI to Predict Cancer Recurrence

AI Predicts Lung Cancer Recurrence

Visionary Wellness and Imaging was started to provide an opportunity for the early detection of many health conditions that are preventable and treatable in the early stages.  Early detection is key to successful treatment and outcomes. We use a variety of technologies to perform these assessments, including CT Scans.  CT Scans can provide very detailed and informative images to help detect disease early and guide treatment plans, especially for cancer.  Now, researchers in the United Kingdom are studying whether machine learning can be applied to better predict the recurrence of the most common type of lung cancer.

According to an article on ITNonline.com, machine learning was utilized to train an artificial intelligence system to help predict the risk of recurrence in patients who had received treatment for the most common type of lung cancer.  The results of the study showed that the AI system more accurately predicts the return of cancer than the current standard staging techniques.

Better prediction of risk is useful in treatment plans and in follow-up for prevention and diagnosis.  This means higher-risk patients may receive more opportunities for earlier detection and intervention, while low-risk patients may be spared unnecessary follow-ups.   In lung cancer and many other types of cancer and disease, early detection is critical and leads to improved outcomes.

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Read the rest of the article at ITNonline here: https://www.itnonline.com/content/study-suggests-ai-can-predict-risk-lung-cancer-returning-using-ct-scans


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