Recent Advances in CT Imaging

Advances in CT Imaging (Computed Tomography) are making scans more accurate, smart, sensitive, and innovative than ever.  The CT scan continues to be an invaluable tool in preventive scanning and wellness, especially for the early detection of cancer and heart disease.

According to an article from Neurologica.com, advances in medicine and a need for minimally invasive procedures and diagnostics are driving global demand for CT technology to an all-time high.  Along with this, recent advances in CT imaging are making them more useful, in more situations.

Greater efficiency in how X-rays are used to create images has resulted in an incredible decrease in radiation dose, along with an increase in detail.  New, low-dose machines, like the one used at Visionary Wellness and Imaging, use tiny beamlets to produce crisp images that can spot abnormalities as small as a grain of rice.  These same machines can quickly take detailed images of the beating heart, and assess its health with 3D modeling.

Other advancements are allowing for the isolation of specific elements and compounds, allowing technicians to focus on the most important pieces of the scan.  Advances in portable machines and the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence have also expanded the usefulness and precision of CT scans tremendously.

Read the original article here: https://www.neurologica.com/blog/advances-ct-scan-technology

Learn more about the CT machine and other technology used at Visionary Wellness and Imaging at our technology page, HERE.


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