News Producer Dies at 37 From Heart Attack

Television producer Dax Tejera

Television producer Dax Tejera of ABC News tragically died from a heart attack.  The 37-year-old died on December 23, 2022, leaving behind a wife and two young daughters.

The media world poured in condolences for the Tejera family and the ABC News family.  Their words painted a vibrant picture of an enthusiastic man who loved his family and was passionate about his work.   ABC correspondent Jim Avila tweeted: “Sad day for ABC. A good friend and groundbreaking ABC executive passes unexpectedly at 37. Dax Tejera I only have good thoughts my friend.”

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Read the full article at Foxnews.com: https://www.foxnews.com/media/abc-news-producer-dax-tejera-dead-age-37



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