CT Imaging Advancements Bring New Level of Detail

High Resolution Images from CT scan of Lungs

Each year, the level of detail accessible in body scans increases, with CT imaging advancements at the forefront.  A new study shows how a new technology called “ultra-high-resolution photon-counting detector” is helping to optimize CT imaging, increasing visibility and clarity in extremely minute details.   As CT scans use multiple two-dimensional images to recreate a 3D working model, these images can be stitched together with incredible accuracy, with image layers of less than a millimeter thickness!   Leaders in the field are fine-tuning the process to bring even greater sensitivity and detail to available scans.

With greater detail, CT imaging advancements mean that preventative and diagnostic scans can provide better information to assess your health and give you peace of mind.

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Read the full article from itonline.com here: https://www.itnonline.com/content/kernel-and-slice-ultra-high-resolution-photon-counting-detector-ct



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